Industries Served

Each office and business environment and unique and special needs that vary from industry to industry, and other industries have stricter codes and requirements that they must adhere to. Eagle Express recognizes the differences and has built an organization trained and equipped to handle these needs and meet these requirements.

Legal Communities

Eagle Express understands the timely and special needs of the legal community. With more than 30 years of experience, we handle subpoenas, complaint services and court filings with swift and accurate pick up and deliveries and we obtain signatures upon delivery of your documents.

Architectural and Graphics Communities

Eagle Express understands the timely and special needs of the architectural and graphic communities, with the careful handling of artwork, mechanicals and photography. Trust the handling of your work with swift and accurate pick up and deliveries and we obtain signatures upon delivery of your documents.

Hospital Medical and Lab Courier Service

Eagle Express provides transportation of all hospital documents, lab specimens, X-rays, MRIs' and sensitive material within a hospital network or system. Our drivers and staff are fully trained in HIPAA and OSHA regulations including but not limited to bloodborne pathogen and formaldalin spills.

In order to properly serve the medical community, we have highly trained couriers who understand the seriousness of hospital and lab deliveries and how their performance affects the delivery of patient care.

Critical Same Day Delivery Service:

We deliver time critical specimens to testing centers. All lab specimens are placed in a climate controlled container to maintain proper temperature and secure the specimen.

Routed Deliveries:

We provide daily or weekly pickup and/or delivery service to keep documents, supplies and equipment moving smoothly throughout your facility and network.

Utilizing our hand-held scanners and our advanced server technology, synching with our on-line ordering system, we are able to track and monitor all deliveries between labs, hospital and medical offices, and in "real time".

Pharmaceutical Industry Solutions

High security and a safe environment are the calls to action that Eagle Express performs daily for our clients in the pharmaceutical industry. We ensure the highest possible security in transporting their goods from a central location to the final "last mile" destination. Speak with one of our logistics specialists at Eagle Express to build a secure delivery circuit that is efficient and safe and meets your specific needs.

All of our drivers involved in pharmaceutical services are fully drug tested (5 panel testing) and have criminal background checks. Our drivers also are required to attend an annual training program that is fully compliant with OSHA 29 CFR 1910.1030.

Ask us about our bonded deliveries at Eagle Express.

Banking Services and Solutions

Eagle Express understands the time sensitive nature of meeting deadlines in the transportation of checks and negotiable items. Our 30 years plus history of providing transportation to the banking industry is in large part what built our reputation as a trusted courier service. We have served banks in Florida of all types as well as providing services to the Federal Reserve.

  • Proof Routes, Check Routes, Lock Box Routes
  • Inter-Office and Mail Routes
  • Post Office Routes
  • Lift Gate Truck Transportation large quantities of banker boxes and other skid loaded items

You can feel safe and secure because our couriers are trained to handle all types of work that the banking community requires. They are equipped with GPS's, scanners, and two-way communication equipment. Your safety concerns are addressed with our fully uniformed drivers who are insured and bonded, and you will be able to confirm and verify all deliveries.





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