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Air Courier Services: (Next Flight Out)

When your time critical packages need to go long distances, let Eagle Express handle the details of Next flight out for you.

Our air courier team quickly coordinates immediate pickup of your package and schedules it on the next available flight to the destination city.

So next time, don't let miles stand in the way in getting your package to a destination "ON-TIME" let Eagle Express arrange pick up and coordination. For those items that are temperature controlled, we offer the necessary equipment and controls to insure your package arrives as intended.

The following is a list of the area airports we serve:

State City Airport
Airport Name
FL Orlando MCO Orlando Int'l Airport
FL Sanford SFB Orlando Sanford Int'l Airport

Just a little note to thank you and your crew for the speedy service. It had been one of those days and your driver sure came to our rescue, just like you always do. Thanks again for the great effort.

Tent and Flag World
Orlando, FL