Orlando Courier, Eagle Express, at (407) 539-2244, offers immediate pickup and delivery for time sensitive documents, packages and cargo 365/7/24.

Our Orlando office offers immediate pickup and delivery for time sensitive documents, packages and cargo 24 hours a day, 7 days a week, 365 days a year.


Explore Eagle Express's Range of Services

  • Same Day/Next Day

    Orlando courier today! You can rely on Eagle Express when you have a package that must have a courier delivery to its Orlando destination TODAY! You have options within our Same Day services that range from immediate and exclusive to rush and standard within the same business day.

    Next Day Orlando courier service also available. Guaranteed delivery 12-24 hours from pickup. You can log on to your account to place your order or get a quote online or call our Orlando Courier office 407-539-2244 for any of these services.

  • Routed Service

    When your company or organization has a regular route of pick up and deliveries, Orlando's Eagle Express works with you to meet your routing needs. We design a courier route for you that handles the pickup and delivery from inter-office mail or small packages to laboratory specimen pick-ups and more. Our advanced dispatch system will ensure dependable and guaranteed pickup of your documents and packages. We take pride in custom designing an Orlando courier route that meets your organizational needs, deadlines and your budget!

  • Cargo and Freight Services

    Eagle Express, Orlando Fl, offers cargo pick-up and delivery, with same day or next day pickup and handling LTL (Less than Truckload) and TL (Truck Load) sized orders. When you need to move 1,000 pounds or 48,000 pounds, Eagle Express offers you an affordable and quick delivery option across Orlando or across the country.

    We also offer Orlanda area warehousing and distribution services.

  • Drivers for Hire

    Eagle Express can temporarily or permanently supplement your company's Orlando area transportation or distribution needs. Our service has proven to be more cost-effective than company-hired drivers, and offers to alleviate a lot of the human resource and management obligations. Just think, no more managing vacation schedules, covering holidays and sick days, adjusting schedules for seasonal needs, vehicle insurance, maintenance schedules and more.

  • Industry Specialties

    Each Orlando area office and business environment and unique and special needs that vary from industry to industry, and other industries have stricter codes and requirements that they must adhere to. Eagle Express recognizes the differences and has built an organization trained and equipped to handle these needs and meet these requirements.

Orlando Courier, Eagle Express, is a full-service courier service specializing in time critical delivery to Orlando metropolitan health care, financial, business, manufacturing and distribution organizations.

Hospitals, laboratories, banks, colleges, universities, law firms, and businesses and institutions in any industry, rely on our technology for instant tracking of their packages and their ability to access customizable account data for your own internal management and reporting.

We invested in technology that affords us a competitive advantage and facilitates our ability to be efficient and accountable to our service promises.

Our services are fully insured, licensed and bonded.

Call us today to speak with one our knowledgeable managers about small or large package courier delivery to Orlando or surrounding areas. You may also use our online Quick Quote or Contact page for a quote.

Any time  of day, including after hours and weekends, Eagle Express Couriers comes through for us. Thank you for your earnest efforts and playing an integral part in the success of our Orlando business.

Thomas M. Ross
Vice President
HFE, Inc.